Rock Climbing

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch has been featured in multiple outdoor magazines as one of the best climbing areas east of the Rockies. You don’t have to be a top class climber to enjoy climbing at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

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Sam’s Throne

Sam’s Throne is the oldest of several climbing areas found on along the broad flat mountain tops of the Ozark area. The Atoka sandstone caprock that forms the cliffs at Sam’s Throne encircles about a three mile area.

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Elk & Wildlife

Maumee South to Spring Creek

Very popular float Many float Maumee North to Buffalo Point for 11.4 mile run. Put in for Maumee North is at the end of County Road 86. Maumee North put in is 45.4 miles from the Gateway City to the Buffalo River, Harrison, AR. Map it. Read More

Boxley Valley Mill Pond

The Boxley Valley Mill Pond is best known for its huge trumpeter swans, but there are many things to see at the Mill Pond. During bald eagle season, from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, bald eagles often frequent the mill pond. It is the most likely place to see them in Boxley Valley.

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Caverns & Caves

Bull Shoals Caverns

The Caverns were created approximately 350 million years ago, during the Ordovician period. The cave was carved out by waterpower, and there is still an underground river in the cave today. Read More




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Azulfidine (Sulfasalazine)

Generic Name: Sulfasalazine (SUL fa SAL a zeen)

Brand Names: Azulfidine Azulfidine EN-tabs Sulfazine

Where to buy Azulfidine online?




Product Description

Comprising of the chief ingredient Sulfasalazine Azulfidine is a medication that is used in the treatment of certain disorders related to colon. It is a sulfa drug and a derivate of mesalazine. It was first developed in the year 1950 and upon gaining huge prominence it was listed under the essential list of medications that is needed for basic health.

Medical Uses

Azulfidine is prescribed for the treatment of a condition called ulcerative colitis which results in seriously uncomfortable symptoms such as rectal bleeding and stomach pain.

Azulfidine does not necessarily treat the medical condition. It only alleviates the symptoms that are triggered as a result of this condition. Azulfidine is effective in reducing the frequency of these symptoms and brings great relief to people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis. Because of falling under the category of salicylate the medication can also be used for people who are troubled with arthritis. It is also known to reduce pain and inflammation that is usually prevalent in arthritis patients.


As Azulfidine comes in the form of easily consumable medications anyone can consume this medication comfortably. It should be taken after meals accompanied by a full glass of water. Drinking a lot of water will help in clearing out any blockages in the intestine and also prevents the occurrence of kidney stones. Take it on the same time every day and do not discontinue the usage until you reach the end of your course even if you notice improvements in your condition. The dosage intervals must be spaced evenly but not too far apart.

Children will usually be prescribed with a lower dose of Azulfidine. Maintenance dosage is 3 to 4 gm/day divided into few intervals. Initial dosage can be 1 to 2 gm/day. For children the dosage depends on their body weight. Typically 40 to 60 mg/kg/day are suggested for children who are below 6 years old.

Side Effects

Possible common side effects that occur are:


Loss of hunger

Discomfort in stomach


Even though the chances are remote some serious side effects such as swelling of mouth or tongue liver problem symptoms bloody diarrhea and tingling sensation in the body might also occur in some people.

Drug interactions

Medications interacting with this medication are:

Beta-blockers Azulfidine blocks their effectiveness

Methenamine This increases the risk of stones in the kidney.

Anticoagulants Increase the risk of side effects arising from this medication.

Make sure to avoid all these drug contraindications to ensure your safety.

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Camping Grounds

Camping Little Buffalo River


Camping is allowed on our 30+ acres on/near the Little Buffalo River, if your family or friends are staying in a cabin. Please only two tents per cabin. Camping may be restricted near specific areas. Read More

Scenic Motorcycle Rides

Jasper local Route

Point A: The HUB – A motorcycle resort, restaurant and gathering place for riders located just off AR 7 at the former Marble Falls Convention Center and Motel.

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Goldwing / Highway 21 Ride

Leave Eureka Springs early to see the sunrise over amazing vistas like the Bluebird Hill Overlook. Ride through the Buffalo River National Park and stop to watch elk graze near Boxley Valley.

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Floating The Buffalo River

Spring Creek to Dillards Ferry

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Baker Ford to Tyler Bend

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Hiking Trails

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Twin/Triple Falls

Twin/Triple Falls is located off of Highway 74 at Mt. Sherman (about 4 miles west of Jasper) at the sign pointing North to Kyle’s Landing. The last mile or so of this road is very steep and bumpy, and while passable via regular vehicle in dryer weather, if the road is muddy, you may need a 4 wheel drive to get back out.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download live streaming film online

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