Ozark Rentals: Policies

Lessee agrees to protect, defend, indemnify Ozark Rentals and hold the employees and agents free and harmless from and against any and all losses, penalties, damages, settlements, costs, charges, professional fees, or other expenses or liabilities of every kind and character arising out of or relating to any and all claims, liens, demands, obligations, actions, proceedings or causes of action of every kind and character in connection with or arising directly or indirectly out of this agreement, there stay with Ozark Rentals and/or the performance hereof.

Printing Errors

Prices, amenities, descriptions and locations may change from time to time without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure that the printed descriptions are accurate. Ozark Rentals assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Ozark Rentals makes every effort to assure that all descriptions and representations from our staff, in our brochure, and on our internet site are accurate. However, we are not responsible for printing errors or changes in the furnishings or amenities. Prices, amenities, specials, seasons, and/or minimums are subject to change with or without notice. Any square footage noted is an approximation. It is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed or warranted.


A non-refundable payment is required on a credit card at the time of booking your reservation. Full and final payment of your rent, taxes and all applicable fees must be received in our office 30 days prior to arrival for 1-3 bedrooms, 60 days prior to arrival for 4-8 bedrooms and 90 days prior to arrival for 11 bedrooms. For all Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years bookings in 1-8 bedrooms payment must be received 60 days prior to arrival. Any bookings made within 30, 60 or 90 days respectively require full payment with a credit card at the time of booking . Acceptable payment methods include check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Please be sure to write the reservation number on the check for proper credit. Applicable specials or discounts will be applied at the time the reservation is confirmed by a reservation specialist. You will be charged for the unit you have selected based on the information in your rental agreement and the Policies and Procedures document published on our website. Any refunds to credit or debit cards can take up to 10 days to process by issuing bank.

Rental Rate

The rental price is determined by the rental agreement at the time of making the reservation. No refunds or adjustments will be made for rate changes that take place after the date this reservation is made.

Damage Protection, Security Deposit

The Vacation Rental Damage plan covers unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to check-out. For a cost of $25.50, this policy will pay a maximum benefit of $1500.00. Any damages that exceed $1500.00 will be charged to the credit card on file. If you damage the real or personal property assigned to your rental accommodation during the trip, the Insurer will reimburse the lesser of the cost of repairs or replacement of the property up to the maximum coverage. Certain terms and conditions apply. Full details of the Vacation Rental Damage coverage are contained in the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy (www.vacationrentalinsurance.com/g20vrd). The Vacation Rental Damage plan can be purchased up to and including at check-in. By submitting payment for this plan, you authorize and request CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services to pay directly to Ozark Rentals any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Damage plan.

Please contact Ozark Rentals directly if you do not wish to participate in this plan or assignment. If you choose to opt out of this plan, a $250 refundable security deposit will be added to your total due. If there are no damages or extra cleaning charges the deposit will be refunded 14 days after your departure. Please be aware that the refund can take up to 7-10 days to process. In the event extra charges exceed the security deposit, the guest’s credit card will be charged the entire amount of all damage or extra cleaning fees. A detail of all extra charges will be mailed to the guest. Any disputed charges are to be submitted in writing.


Only the guest named on the rental agreement may notify Ozark Rentals either in written or verbal form of the request to cancel. If a booking is canceled less than 60 days prior to the arrival date, the reservation is non-refundable. There are no refunds for bad weather, snow, no-shows, late arrival or early departure other than NOAA has determined Flood for cabins on the River. If Travel Insurance was purchased, please review your certificate documents for details.

Reservation Transfers

Only the registered guest named on the rental agreement may notify Ozark Rentals either in written or verbal form of the requested change and a new rental agreement will be issued that must be signed and returned to Ozark Rentals. Reservations cannot be changed or shortened after payment deadlines.

Check-In and Late Arrivals

Check-In at the Ozark Rentals office begins at 3:00pm. If you arrive early, you may have to wait to check in if your property is not ready. If you plan to arrive after 5:30pm, please contact the office for late arrival instructions 24-48 hours prior to arrival. Late arrival should be avoided if possible and can only be allowed for guests with signed rental agreements received by our office.

Check-Out and Departure, 10:00am

We are sorry you have to leave at all, however, we must insist on a 10 AM Check-Out time. A minimum fee of $100.00 may be charged for late departure, or if excessive cleaning is required. There are no refunds for early departures.

Pet Policy

General Pet Rules

Guests with dogs are asked to please respect the comfort and safety of other guests, both during and after your stay. For this reason, we ask that you please follow these guidelines during your time with us:

Please clean up after your dog, both in public areas and in the yard of your rental property.
Please do not allow your dog to bark excessively or to roam onto neighboring properties.

Please do not allow dogs on furniture or beds. It is also helpful to bring something (bed, blanket, etc.) on which you know your pet will be comfortable sleeping.

Please groom your dog, particularly if it is a breed prone to shedding.

Please don’t leave your dog unattended for long periods of time. A crate is ideal for those situations in which you must leave. You are responsible for any damages your pet causes.

Please ensure that your dog’s medications and immunizations are up-to-date, especially flea treatment.


Pets are $25 plus tax per night per pet. We allow up to two pets per cabin. Pets must be house-trained and are not allowed on beds or furniture. If a the cabin should require extensive cleaning due to excessive pet hair a $100.00 fee will be charged to the credit card used to hold the reservation. We will supply pet treats and waste removal bags. 

At this time we have two cabins that are pet friendly. The American Buffalo and the Cape Buffalo. If pets are not registered to stay and are found on the property can result in immediate eviction without refund and/or charged a $100 per night penalty in addition to the cost of any damage.

Unit Care

Please note locations of fire extinguishers and exits upon arrival. HEAT – Do not turn off heat during cold weather; in warm weather do not turn the AC thermostat below 70°, as this will cause the system to freeze up. REFRIGERATORS – DO NOT adjust temperature colder than the middle setting, as it may cause the unit to shut down. FURNISHINGS – Do not move furniture or pool tables; you may be charged to return items to their original position. Guest understands and agrees that it is the sole responsibility of the adults to safeguard children. For safety reasons, adults should supervise minors at all times.

Fireplaces – Seasonal

Most of our cabins are equipped with either a gas or wood burning fireplace(s). In homes having a wood burning fireplace(s), wood is furnished during the months of October through April. Kindling and/or fire starter logs are not provided. Be certain the flue is open on all wood burning units prior to starting a fire. Keep spark screens in place at all times. Gas fireplaces will not be operational during the months of May through September. No foreign materials are to be burned in gas fireplaces. For your safety, never move the logs in the gas fireplace. Doing so can cause carbon monoxide and heavy black soot.


Most units are equipped with either charcoal, gas or electric grills. Guests are not permitted to bring/use their own grills or outdoor cooking burners to any property managed by Ozark Rentals.


Personal fireworks are not permitted at any property managed by Ozark Rentals.

Internet Use

If internet access is provided in a property, it may not be used for any illegal purpose including but not limited to transmitting unlawful materials, harming minors or transmitting any materials that you do not have a right to make available under any law. Ozark Rentals and the cabin owners will fully cooperate with any governmental investigation into illegal internet usage.


Properties are all non-smoking. Please utilize the porches and outside areas possible in consideration of our non-smoking guests. Please do not discard smoking material on the grounds. There is a $100 cleaning fee is you smoked in the cabin.


It is impossible to guarantee that all appliances, hot tubs, hot water heaters, fireplaces, etc. will be in working order 100% of the time. We do guarantee to make every effort to correct all deficiencies as soon as possible during normal business hours. Report all maintenance problems to the office, 870.446.6471. In case of a true maintenance emergency after hours please call 870.446.6471 for assistance. Non-emergency maintenance will be handled within 48 hours. Guests should take reasonable action to secure the problem. Management reserves the right to perform interior and/or exterior maintenance during your stay. We will do our best to do so without inconvenience to you. Your silence indicates full acceptance of the unit and its condition.

Property Use, Problem Notification

Guest is expected to exercise safe, prudent, appropriate and cautionary use of the rental property. Guest shall notify the rental office of any element of the property that they feel needs attention and provide the rental office a reasonable amount of response time to assist Guest with remedy.

Availability Use

It is hereby understood and agreed that should a property be damaged and made uninhabitable by fire or other maintenance reasons beyond the control of Ozark Rentals that another unit may be substituted (excludes weather/road conditions or other reasons covered by trip insurance). If no other unit is available the limit of liability by Ozark Rentals or property owners is to refund any prepaid rents paid by the registered guest for said unit. Further, due to the lack of zoning and building inspection in parts of our market area, Ozark Rentals does not warrant that properties under it’s management meet the specifications of any specific building code and Ozark Rentals accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury, accident or incident that the cause in part or wholly may be attributed to design and/or building construction deficiency(s) with respect to the standards of any building code.

Groups Arriving at Different Times

The registered guest must contact Ozark Rentals office and provide the name of the designated guest for check-in. Keys will only be issued to this person. It is the booking guest’s responsibility to coordinate all parties arriving separately and see to it that they have the necessary information to find their accommodations, including unit map and phone number. Guest arrival at the unit is not permitted prior to designated guest check in at the office.

Capacity Considerations Noise

Our homes are to be used for the QUIET enjoyment of our guests and are NOT to be used for parties, large gatherings or receptions beyond the sleeping capacity of the home. If you have need of a group facility or large gathering place, we have recommendations. “Disturbing the Peace” may result in eviction and/or loss of security deposit. The capacity of the home as stated on the rental agreement and the parking capacity cannot be exceeded.

Parking (Autos, Campers, Trailers)

Our vacation homes provide ample parking as noted on our website in the amenities section for each home. The number of parking spaces is based on the space available for standard automobiles. Parking on city streets is illegal except where designated.

NOTICE TO GUESTS BRINGING TRAILERS OR CAMPERS: Due to the hilly topography and limited parking in the Ozark area it can be difficult to find parking for trailers or large vehicles. Campers are not allowed unless they are parked at an RV lot.

Housekeeping Linen Supplies

All of our homes provide bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, 1 blanket bedspread per bed), bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and shower mats for the occupancy of the unit along with a starter supply of garbage bags, bar soap, dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper and paper towels. The house is cleaned, hot tub is drained, sanitized, and refilled and beds (except sofa beds) are made prior to your arrival. Daily maid service is not provided and guests are expected to launder towels, etc. as needed during their stay. It is not necessary to wash towels or bed linen prior to departure. It is a good idea to bring a beach towel for hot tub and swimming use and in cooler months to bring extra blankets, as well as extra garbage bags, coffee filters and any condiments/spices desired for cooking.

Trash Removal

All trash is removed by Ozark Rentals from each unit at the end of each reservation. Please do not allow outside containers to overflow due to bear and animal problems. Daily trash removal is not provided, however, guests may use the dumpster at the beginning of the road to the Buffalo Cabins office to dispose of excess trash during their stay. If staying 7 or more nights, Ozark Rentals will provide one interim trash removal with a 24 hour advance request.


Though all units are sprayed regularly by a professional pest control company, ladybugs, wasps and other insects sometimes affect rental units. In the event of a infestation, the office will call maintenance or pest control to attempt to solve the problem.

Guest and Guest’s Party Uses All Hot Tubs/Jetted Tubs/Swim Spas/Pools at Own Risk

Before you checked in, the hot tub was drained, cleaned, sanitized, refilled with water and chemicals were added to prepare the hot tub for your use. Using any hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool (no matter who owns it or where it is located) carries with it some serious risks. If your party fails to follow any of the rules we have set forth below, someone in your party could have an allergic reaction, become seriously ill, injured or die. For your own safety and the safety of everyone in your party, it is very important that you, the booking guest, follow and make sure everyone in your party is aware of and follows these rules.

Solo Use: Never use the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa or pool alone.
Children: Children should be supervised by an adult at all times when using the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool. Children under 5 years of age may not use the hot tub/swim spa.
Chemical Dispenser: Never remove the floating chemical dispenser from the hot tub/swim spa. Dispenser must stay in hot tub/swim spa at all times in order to promote sanitary conditions. Guest is responsible to insure that the floating chemical dispenser is set at #4 and that chemical tablets are in the dispenser. If the floater is empty or low, notify office immediately so it can be refilled.
Medical Conditions: People with allergies to bromine/chlorine/water treatment chemicals or have the following medical conditions or susceptibilities must not use the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool:
Persons using any medication for, or anyone with a medical condition including, but not limited to, obesity, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes or circulatory system problems unless the person’s treating physician has advised the person that hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa use will be safe.
Pregnant women and women who may possibly be pregnant. Hot water temperatures have a high potential for causing harm to the fetus during the early months of pregnancy.
Individuals who have or may have suppressed or weak immune systems.
Since infection spreads rapidly in hot water do not use hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa if you have open wounds or infections of any kind.
Contact Lenses: Remove contact lenses before entering the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa.
Limited Usage: Always exit the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa after 15 minutes of use to give your body temperature time to normalize. Prolonged use can cause rashes or infection.
Storms: Never use the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa or pool during a thunderstorm. Wait 20 minutes after the last thunderclap before entering the water.
Shower: Always shower before and after using the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool.
No Alcohol or Drugs: The use of alcohol or drugs in or around the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool is extremely dangerous. The combination of hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool and intoxicants may lead to unconsciousness and the possibility of drowning.
Temperature: Never adjust the temperature of the water in the hot tub/swim spa above 104 degrees. Check water temperatures before entering. It should never exceed 104 degrees. Lower water temperatures are recommended for children.
Hyperthermia: Any heated water use can result in Hyperthermia (heat stroke), a dangerous condition brought about by excessive heat. The symptoms include: sweating, dizziness, nausea, light-headedness, convulsions, increased pulse rate, shallow breathing and possible unconsciousness. If you suspect hyperthermia, get medical help immediately.
Submersion: Never allow your head to submerge in hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa. Long hair can become lodged in the intake of hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool.
Slip and Fall: Be careful not to slip when entering, leaving or using the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool. The surrounding area may be moist or wet.
Cover and Lock: The hot tub must always be covered and locked when not in use. This is for the safety of your family and any children in the area. Never let anyone of any age sit or stand on cover – it will not support a person’s weight. A $350.00 charge will result from breakage.
No Electrical Appliances: Do not bring any electrical appliance, such as a light, telephone, radio or television within 15 feet of the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool.
Foreign Material: Never use any soaps, oils or fragrance of any type or introduce any other foreign materials in the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool. This could cause damage to the equipment and affect the chemical balance of the tub and/or pool and cause a dangerous situation.
Jewelry & Fabrics: Discoloration of certain fabrics may occur in hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool. Jewelry should never be worn. Permanent damage to jewelry can occur. Bathing suits should not be worn for extended periods after use of hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool due to the possibility of skin irritation or infections.
Water Hose: Never leave water hose attached to spigot due to danger of freezing.
Office Notification of Problems or Concerns: If there are any problems with the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool, including but not limited to any mechanical, electrical, chemical or water quality concerns, please call the property management office immediately and do not enter the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool until it has been serviced.
No Guarantee: Jackson Mountain Homes cannot guarantee, especially after use, that bacteria will remain eliminated by the hot tub/jetted tub/swim spa/pool chemicals. Should you have any concerns relating to cleanliness please contact the office immediately. The cost of cleanings due to failure to follow these rules may be charged to the guest.

Utility Services

Cable, satellite, telephone, gas, electric and water service are not under the control of and cannot be guaranteed by Ozark Rentals. No refund will be made for interruption in service beyond Ozark Rentals control.

Lost and Found & Personal Property

Ozark Rentals and/or the property owner are not responsible for personal property left behind, stolen or damaged during your stay. Never leave valuables (cash, wallets, jewelry, cameras, etc.) unattended. If you find you have left something behind, call our office and we will try to locate the missing item(s). If the item(s) is located it will be returned to you via an independent shipping company at your expense. Items unclaimed more than 14 days will be disposed of or given to charity.


You will receive two sets of keys (or a code if the cabin is keyless) at Check-In. Extra sets may be requested. If you are locked out of your vacation home during business hours please come by the office for a loaner key. After hours, if you are locked out call our emergency number and we will meet you with a loaner key. Any after hours costs incurred shall be charged to the guest. Please leave your keys in the unit in the envelope provided on the dining table or deliver to the office at Check-Out.

Newton County’s 7 Day Forecast by National Weather Service changes quickly in the mountains. Plan your trip according to the weather. For an up-to-date weather forecast please click on the Weather button to the right.